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Inside Boity’s Baecation

Inside Boity’s Baecation

Boity’s life is like a script in a romantic movie because wow! Whatever the girl is working, she must keep it up because it’s working. The rapper is currently living in the lap of luxury out in the Cape wine lands. That’s Boity for you, we’ve lost count of how many vacations she’s already been on this year alone. If we’re being honest, we’re green with envy.

Just the other day, she was enjoying her romantic picnic at Ludus Magnas in Franshoek. The place has been a destination for many celebrities including Thembi Seete and blogger Kim Jayde.

Boity’s alleged new bae, Anton is rumoured to be with her. A tweep shared a screenshot of Anton at what appears to be the same venue Boity is at.
Although the two haven’t officially confirmed their relationship in the public, all the hints are there. The two are always supporting one another on social media, go to the same gym, are always spotted in the same spaces and upload cosy images together.

Around the time Thulo was celebrating her 31st birthday, the two were all over each other’s social media. Gushing about the star on her big day, Anton described Boitumelo as a gift and a light to many. “Happiest of birthdays Boity, you’re a gift and a light to so many, keep shining as bright as you do. Here’s a series of some fun times, and to many many more”

The Bakae hitmaker’s expensive lifestyle shouldn’t come as a surprise as she works very hard and has her hand in many business ventures. Her Boity Pink Sapphire has taken the country by storm – her products are available in stores nationwide. “I hope that this shows all young black women, literally all my supporters who are black and feel like they can do something…I hope this shows them that there is space. There is more than enough space for everyone to explore their dreams, to push the envelope. To just go further, there is so much room to just push a little bit more, especially for black women.” She said about her business venture.

Her Halo Heritage hair products have also been well received in the market. In an interview with us in 2020, she encouraged women to wear their crowns with pride. “Your hair is your crown. Whether you prefer it all shaved off, wear a weave, opt for a protective style or rock an afro, taking care of your hair with products that are packed with goodness and most importantly made for your specific hair type is something you just cannot afford to compromise on. This range of products is exactly that. Being an African Queen to me is about being proud of where you come from and embracing it in every move that you make. As a queen, you must carry your crown with pride and shouldn’t be afraid to show it off.” She said in part.

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