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Jo-Anne Reyneke Reflects On Her Weight Loss Journey

Jo-Anne Reyneke Reflects On Her Weight Loss Journey

The Estate star Jo-Anne Reyneke recently took to Instagram to reflect on her weight loss journey. The former Muvhango star shared her then and now pictures.

She said it has been a long journey, she added that she feared people at times because she did not want them to see her.

“It’s been a long journey yoh!!! The weight loss journey is an individual one, it takes a lot of love to love yourself through every size and shape. I developed a fear of crowds when I was at my heaviest, it took a while to realize that it was only because I didn’t want people to see me…

“I had to come to a place where I realized that being happy is a Choice! Life will always be hard, rich or poor it will be hard…so choose you Hard! #everyonesstory.”

Taking to the comments section, fans said they are inspired by Jo-Anne’s story and thanked her for sharing.

Jeanettraletooane responded: “Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t blame you and I can understand that why you feared crowds because there is often so much judgment that comes from the spectators and can affect one. But with self-love anything is possible.”

Charbella_m thanked her for sharing, she said social media also plays a big role.
“@joannereyneke…thank you for this post, I needed this. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and have set dates on how many kg’s to lose or what dress size to be
by a certain date and then you lose sight of the journey of being knowing your body, being fit & healthy. Eish, but honestly social media pressure, will have you tryna get the right angle (the looking “slim effect”

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Another one of our favorite celebrities who recently opened up about her weight loss journey is actress Keke Mphuthi.

Penning a lengthy letter to her body on Instagram, Keke said she and her body have been through a lot in the past 30 years.

She wrote: “Dear body It’s me your loyal and trusted friend…we have been through so much the past 30 years however the last two were very trying for us. After giving birth to the most amazingly beautiful little boy we fell into Postpartum Depression and really I didn’t know where to start.”

She said it was not easy and a lot of things including C-section and epidural side effects made her recovery journey difficult but her body never gave up.

“We were our heaviest, most scared n bumpiest we’d ever been. We did all kinds of things to get back into what we knew n loved but it was difficult to keep going especially cause I wasn’t healed psychologically…Thank you for trusting me with all the other trials n failed attempts but look at us now …

“Thriving BABY GIRL!!! We are still in this together and we are definitely growing stronger too. Our c-section, epidural side effects n mental state of mind tried to make this road seem impossible but we persevered to get the HELP we needed. Just know that I love you so much n I’ll never give up on you,”

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