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Mona On Co-Parenting With Khulu Skenjana

Mona On Co-Parenting With Khulu Skenjana

Mona Monyane is on a much needed journey to healing and her ex husband Khulu Skenjana is making it a breeze. We have seen how some ZAleb couples cause drama when they separate but with Mona and her Khulu, they are co-parenting goals.

The journey Mona is embarking on, which involves healing, has instilled calm in their relationship as parents. Not that it was never easy in the beginning when they separated, but Mona says praying, communicating and being matured, helps a lot.

“Healing is a journey well worth taking. The storms come and go, the pain burns away the old and just when you think it’s going to be hard forever, God opens up the heavens and reminds us that the Creator doesn’t lead us anywhere to desert us. I will always be grateful that today I can say, it is well. It wasn’t an easy road, that much I’ll tell you now but PRAYER, maturity and communication really can do miracles.”

She says that Khulu and their daughter’s relationship, warms her heart because as a young girl she always longed for a relationship with her own dad.

“These two warm my heart daily, this relationship has healed the little girl in me who longed for her own dad and although we aren’t a couple anymore it is phenomenal that we can truly remain a family. I cannot praise God enough. I simply cannot. My baby is SO happy” she wrote.

Khulu surprising their daughter Image cred: IG Story screenshot

Mona had to remind women that being a ‘mbokodo’ sometimes is not it. She had to remind women, especially black women that they are not rocks.

“There is no way in hell we are going to be the strong black woman…’you struck a woman, you struck a rock’ You strike a woman, may God take your life…we have had it…guys we are tired as women…this women month, please do not come here with your nonsense about how we need to bekezela (tolerate) and qinisela (hold on)…do not come to us with your nonsense asseblief tog.”

This was at the beginning of Women’s Month where Mona said women are also processing a lot of grief so they have no time to be rocks.

“This women’s month, please don’t test us…please we are processing too much and this is possibly the worst time in history. I don’t know. I physically don’t know if I can handle hearing about anymore death. I physically do not know. Which is why I am like, I will not have anybody tell me gore (that) I must be strong about anything, anymore ever again in my life…

In her previous posts, Mona opened up about another aspect of her healing journey which involves a spiritual journey. She said it began when she accepted her ancestral calling.

“My journey of healing started with me answering my ancestral calling. I’ve learned so much about African spirituality and it has only drawn me closer to God. Lesedi The Almighty reminds me: “I will never send you somewhere to forsake you,” she revealed.

“It has been a HECK of a phenomenal journey to submit to healing the ego and allowing it to return its faith to a higher power and not the power of the flesh. I have learned that everything under the sun comes from the creator but how we as humans choose to navigate some things in the flesh leads us astray…”

“I came out of the belly of the whale to find that God had not forsaken me EVER. I was the one who turned away, I was the one who submitted to worshiping the flesh, I was the one who wanted to take charge of my destiny, the timing of my manifestations, the direction of my life.”

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