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Tweeps Come For Mihlali For Wanting To Loot Mercedes

Tweeps Come For Mihlali For Wanting To Loot Mercedes

Youtuber and Influencer Mihlali Ndamase has landed herself in hot water after she tweeted something that was not received well by tweeps.

In a now-deleted tweet, Mihlali tweeted, “When are we looting merc?”

This may have been a joke but it was not received in the same breathe.

Princ Kaybee’s alleged side chick Hazel came for Mihlali and said, “Must be something in those makeup brushes or foundation because wow. Don’t tell me that she didn’t ask to be anyone’s role model as a public figure you have an equal responsibility, that accompanies your fame and some things should stay in your drafts. Please”

When people told Hazel to sit this one out seeing that she was just accused of engaging in things that would rather not be mentioned with another woman’s man, Hazel said, “1. I’m not the one who stepped out of my relationship. 2. I’m not the one who initiated raw sex which can possibly endanger everyone’s lives. 3. If you know anything truth and integrity you wouldn’t be asking me lao amasimba”

Hazel furthermore stated that Mihlali never learns “because there’s never consequences to her actions, more than anything her career grows from such careless behaviour. Welcome to SA”

“Condoning looting even when covered up as humour is not funny. The fact that with her numbers and influence she sat wherever she is and said yup I’m tweeting this at a time like this doesn’t surprise me but wow, how dense can you be?”

Mihlali’s fans did not take this one lying down,

“Girl your whole life you’ve been praying for the day Mihlali post something you can use to repost and get your 2 min fame I’m happy for you. I want her to post an apology statement nje ngawe and call it day”

“Says a person who posted someone’s private part, mxm go and perfect your mixing skills first coz your sets are always terrible”

“Several jokes were made about Diamond City, Zara and iStore but Mihlali’s joke is the one being singled out? Let’s be serious. Plus she deleted it anyway”

“You can’t be defending Mihlali cause it was a joke yet izolo lokhu you were on Pearl Thusi’s neck for the same thing

“Most of you guys are intimidated by influencers…the fact that someone can grow a following and make money from just being beautiful makes your small dicks angry. They were waiting for Mihlali to say something so they can insult her to make their small dicks feel big”

Mihlali was also called out for her reckless tweet:

“She has always been a red flag. I’m glad I don’t see her tweets any longer because she blocked me for telling her the truth. What kind of nonsense is this?
An entire role model and influencer. Definitely, there’s something in those make-up brushes!!!”

“What Mihlali said instigates vandalism and looting, one of the wrongs that the President said will be punished. But because she is your fav we must turn a blind until it settles”

Mihlali has not said anything regarding the tweet and it seems she has kept it moving and is not fazed by the fact she has once again dominated the Twitter trends.

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